Below you’ll find our guests’ comments and reviews. Do you also have an something to say about your stay? We love to hear it! At the bottom of this page (or via this link) you can add your own response.

Beautiful setting (grade: 5 stars)
Stay with friends in a beautiful setting.
Bounti off – November 2019 (source: Google My Business)

Space & privacy
Beautiful castle. Very large inside (you get lost). We were 4 families with children and everyone had their own space and privacy. We did not see the children during our stay, while they shuttled between the playroom and the large garden. The surrounding nature is beautiful and several small walks are directly accessible from the castle without taking the car: quiet and easy paths and no cars! We will definitely be back!
Antoine – November 2019 (source: Airbnb)

Relaxing (grade: 5 stars)
Beautiful castle, far from all civilization, perfect for a relaxing weekend surrounded by nature.
Kris – September 2019 (source: Google My Business)

Nature lovers (grade: 5 stars)
Great house, great location, friendly hosts, a jewel for nature lovers.
Francine – September 2019 (source: Google My Business)

Extraordinary (grade: 5 stars)
An extremely relaxing and restful place, the hosts are very hospitable and caring. The castle is ‘warm’, ideal to spend a few days with family or friends. This house is pure happiness. An absolute must.
Laurent – September 2019 (source: Google My Business)

Great destination
On behalf of the entire group: we enjoyed ourselves immensely! Great destination.
Wouter – August 2019 (source: e-mail, name is known to us)

Absolutely fantastic week in a beautiful location. Positive: all the different ‘entertainment’ in the castle and on the grounds: the huge playroom (table football, hockey and tennis, darts), a large snooker table and a poker room with all the trimmings – enough to entertain adults and children for hours. Too bad the pool was not heated. It could have been a few degrees warmer! (Note from the managers: that particular week, the outside temperature was around 40 degrees Celsius and the water around 29 degrees Celsius).
Lisa – August 2019 (source:

Outdoor fireplace
The castle is a fantastic space for family groups or friends. For the children there is so much to do in the playroom or on the property. My 9 and 10 year old girls didn’t even ask if they could use the computer – they loved the trampoline, the giant swing, the go-karts and the pool. The terrain is fantastic and in the evening we made a fire outside: great. The location is remote so you need a car. The nearby town is nice to visit and there are restaurants that we have visited with reference to the guide that Jolanda and Kees have provided. That was delicious. Would like to come back, thanks.
Kate – July 2019 (source: Airbnb)

Treat (grade: 5 stars)
Warm welcome, accommodation without flaws and a beautiful garden, simply beautiful. Clean rooms, some of them extraordinary. To stay with family or friends, a real treat.
Virginie – June 2019 (source: Google My Business)

Family weekend
Fantastic stay at Château de Bussolles. The place is perfect for a family weekend. Thanks to Jolanda and Kees for their welcome and hospitality. Recommended.
Sylvain – May 2019 (source: Airbnb)

A nice welcome to a unique place! You fall in love with the charm of the castle, the rooms and mazes of corridors! Worth repeating. Thank you for your welcome, we are happy to come back!
Theo – May 2019 (source: Airbnb)

Wedding anniversary
From April 19 to 27, 2019 we celebrated our 50-year wedding anniversary at Château de Bussolles with our entire family of 14 people. On arrival we were warmly welcomed by Jolanda and Kees. They gave us an extensive tour of the castle to inform us well. If you had a question, you were always welcome and you also had complete privacy. It is a beautiful castle with lots of space and extensive options for young and old. The beautiful surroundings also offer a lot for trips and nature walks. We all enjoyed a wonderful stay.
Jef – July 2019 (source: e-mail, name is known to us)

Thumbs up (grade: 5 stars)
We rented Château de Bussolles for our yoga retreat in January 2019. Thumbs up for a great stay. The building is beautiful, rooms comfortable and hosts welcoming. The house was warm (not very common at this time of the year in France). Great price and we’ll definitely stay there again.
Felix – januari 2019 (source: Facebook)

Welcoming and warm
Excellent stay of 3 nights for 12 adults, 3 children and 2 babies on New Year’s Eve 2018. Outside the castle is already very impressive and the woods and the hilly landscape are very romantic, even in the middle of winter! The interior is in unison, with plenty of space to be together or to be able to isolate yourself for some the rest, in one of the salons. Nice furniture and beautiful decoration everywhere. Special mention for the casino roulette room in the tower! Full kitchen to prepare good meals. Very spacious and comfortable rooms. Another mention for the playroom on the 2nd floor. Jolanda and Kees were very welcoming and warm, with complete discretion. Really a very nice place where we will have fun to return to. Thank you!
Patrick – december 2018 (source: e-mail, name is known to us)

Beautiful château
Beautiful château, really great place for a big group of people. Lovely rooms, the pool and communal spaces are awesome. Lots of info in advance and had a really nice stay. We were very sorry to have to leave at the end of the week. Only advice would be to pay attention to the bedroom layout as some rooms open into each other and share showers etc., so if you have a large group you might want to check people don’t mind it being open plan. Jolanda and Kees were very open about this so worth checking. Thanks for the stay, it was a beautiful place.
Rhodri – August 2018 (source: Airbnb)

Hidden gem
Wow, what an amazing place! We arrived from the bustle of Paris and immediately felt we were a world away from it all. The only sounds we had in the morning were the brays of a lonely donkey and a few cows mooing. The natural beauty and absolute calm of the area was surprising as it is not well known. There were surprisingly no mosquitos which was a welcome relief. We spent several days biking the spectacular hills around with wonderful views and the recommended hikes/runs were amazing. The château itself was just fantastic and the kids loved discovering all the hidden gems of the place. We loved eating outside for every meal we could and there was a great long table set up for that. We also loved the fire pit and the plentiful ‘fuel’ in the nearby woods. The amenities were underrated on the website. The game room on the second floor is exceptional and the go-carts were a huge hit with kids and adults alike. The pool was a perfect size. We were a little bit concerned with the proximity of Jolanda and Kees being constantly monitoring us but they were just lovely and so helpful for everything we needed. We all had a fabulous time. Nice to meet you and we hope to be back soon!
John – August 2018 (source: Airbnb)

Fantastic! (grade: 5 stars)
Michel – July 2018 (source: Google My Business)

Very beautiful (cijfer: 5 sterren)
Very nice ‘small’ castle. The outdoor activities are great, great walks in the area. Hosts are nice.
Carsten – July 2018 (source: Google My Business)

Very good location
We (11 adults and 3 children) spent three days in May 2018 at Château de Bussolles. This castle has been very well restored with many living rooms and a large garden. There were so many activities in the castle (billiards, poker room, swimming pool, hammock, table tennis, BBQ, …) that we didn’t even go outside. The managers, Jolanda and Kees are very friendly and make themselves available when needed. A very good location with friends and / or family. We will definitely be back.
Houman – May 2018 (source: e-mail, name is known to us)

Beautiful and impressive
We spent Ascension weekend (twice) with two different family groups at Château de Bussolles. This castle is not only beautiful and imposing, but also very well decorated with reproductions of famous paintings from the old days, and sometimes very large. In this respect we recommend the blue salon! Are you curious about the titles and descriptions of the works? For example, the painting with the sea battle in the green salon? Internet offers a solution. Don’t be afraid to live in a beautiful environment: the large room next to the kitchen makes social gatherings very well possible. As for the hosts: they were efficient, attentive and very pleasant. Thanks to Jolanda and Kees. Very happy that we have been at Château de Bussolles twice with the family. It was a unique experience in an exceptional green environment. Thank you for your welcome, Jolanda and Kees.
Emilia – May 2018 (source: Airbnb)

This castle is a dream come true! We rented it for a birthday-disney weekend and we were all blown away. The château is in a very good condition and very well kept. It is much better than on the pictures. The chateau offers plenty of activities such as pool, trampoline, karts, boccia, hammock-moments, soccer and many more. We definitely have to come back as we didn’t really have time for everything. Thank you Jolanda and Kees for everything! We felt comfortable from the moment on we saw the easel with the personal welcome sign at the entrance gate.
Michael – May 2018 (source: Airbnb)

Nice place (grade: 5 stars)
Very nice place to see.
Fabrice – March 2018 (source: Google My Business)

New Year’s Eve
We spent New Year’s Eve at Château de Bussolles and that stay surprised us! The atmosphere is really great, some rooms are museum-worthy. And moreover there are not the disadvantages that you can often have when renting a castle: the heating worked perfectly (ideal temperature on our arrival), wi-fi in all rooms, modern kitchen … We have absolutely no complaints except that we are looking for the next excuse to return. Many thanks to Kees and Jolanda who were sweet and discreet.
Aurélien  – December 2017 (source: Airbnb)

We really had a great week Château de Bussolles and your presence, always with a smile but discreet, was reassuring and effective for us to feel at home.
Anne – August 2018 (source: e-mail, name is known to us)

We were here with 4 families. It was great here!
Anjo – August 2017 (source: Google My Business)

Recommended (grade: 5 stars)
We really have had a great week here with 4 families! A luxury château where you can spend a nice holiday together, but you can also just find some privacy. Everyone has their own bedroom and bathroom, everyone has their own suite. Lovely swimming pool, large area where the kids can chew on all day, large playroom for when the weather is less, great beds, there really is nothing to be desired. Recommended!
August 2017 (source: Facebook)

We had a great time, the children were already homesick in the car, especially the space, the peaceful surroundings and of course the swimming pool were favorite. We cannot imagine a nicer place to play with nephews and nieces. We still want to thank you for your flexibility, I have never felt inhibited to ask anything.
July 2017 (source: e-mail, name is known to us)

Full privacy
We had a fantastic holiday in the castle. It was so well cared for and clean. You were always close by for help but at the same time we had complete privacy. Top!
July 2017 (source: e-mail, name is known to us)

Lovely château, swimming pool, cycling area (grade: 10)
Beautiful: the spacious castle, lovely host and hostess, the silence and tranquility (we heard owls at night), the refreshing swimming pool and the fantastic cycling area. On our extensive bike rides we could choose from endless possibilities with small roads through undulating landscapes with hardly any traffic. Satisfied and heated by our efforts, we enjoyed the wonderful swimming pool and the shady spots on the estate. Everything is well maintained, tidy and clean.
Jan – July 2017 (source: Zoover)

Great place for groups (grade: 7,1)
The hosts were very friendly, welcoming and helpful, the location was beautifully situated in the countryside, lots of tranquility, great pool, atmosphere and history, decor in most rooms was very good, would be great for a group of friends or family, little ‘scary’ for two.
Anonymous – June 2017 (source:

The castle is beautiful, and isolated on a beautiful estate. The pleasant castle and the interior fit well together, even though the living rooms are ‘normal’ and somewhat small compared to the number of beds in the castle. On the other hand, the outside is beautiful. Take into account an unheated swimming pool.
Theo – June 2017 (source: Airbnb)

Lush greenery (grade: 10)
We had an excellent stay in the lush greenery, the calmness and the tranquility. Great welcome also by the managers of this beautiful castle.
Christophe – May 2017 (source:

Beautiful castle in a quiet and very beautiful area (grade: 10)
Rooms are large and very spacious. Nice lounges and a well-equipped kitchen. Huge playroom for the youngest and icing on the cake: a poker room for adults! Not to mention the exceptional billiard room. Very nice exterior view and beautiful setting. (Not so happy about the weather …. but unfortunately we couldn’t change anything!).
Jerôme – May 2017 (source:

Very clean
We spent a vacation here with 10 adults and 10 children. There is a lot of space and many bathrooms. The large playroom is perfect for children. The castle is well equipped and very clean. It is situated in a hilly, very beautiful landscape.
Solenn – April 2017 (source: Airbnb)

A pleasure
It was a pleasure to stay in this castle. It is a very beautiful place with beautiful surroundings. Jolanda and Kees are very friendly and helpful hosts.
Olivier – April 2017 (source: Airbnb)

Really French
The castle was everything we hoped for: great atmosphere, many rooms to explore (including games room, snooker room, multiple living rooms, etc.), awesome landscape, …. It’s the perfect place to relax or to party, depending on what you’re looking for. We spent New Year’s Eve there with a group of friends and we had the best time ever. Everyone felt very comfortable. The only thing that were not as good as we expected was the WIFI connection and occasional power cuts. But, let’s be honest, that’s the way castles are. It had no impact on the fun we had. The rooms were clean when we arrived, there was plenty of space for parking cars behind the house. It took us a day to find everything in the castle, since it’s huge. Which is a great thing! We were a group of 9, but there would have been more than enough room for up to 5 more people. Altogether, it was a great – and a “real french” – experience. We would come back anytime. All of us.
Nicole – December 2016 (source: Airbnb)

Fairytale (grade: 10)
A fairytale; the entire castle in a Christmas atmosphere. Mistletoe and lights, candles, lit Christmas trees, clean and wonderful beds, a host and hostess like you don’t see them much anymore: great! Everything has been thought of to make our stay perfect. Thanks a 1000 times!
Jan – December 2016 (source: Zoover)

Romantic (grade: 10)
Fantastic stay in the beautiful castle with many possibilities (lovely kitchen, spacious, romantic bedrooms with numerous bathrooms and showers, snooker, playroom, poker room). I particularly enjoyed a wonderful mountain bike ride with lovely, small roads in a rural area (exactly one car in an hour and a half of cycling), at night we could hear an owl under a beautiful starry sky!
J. Noel – December 2016 (source: Zoover)

Iron Man
We had a fantastic stay at your truly wonderful château. It all seems such a long time ago now due to to weather in England being wet and chilly (compared to Bussolles). Everyone in our party was amazed by the castle and we will certainly recommend it to others that may be heading to that area. It was in the perfect location for our Iron Man activities in Vichy. Our plans for next year are not fixed yet, we may be in the Vichy area again and if so, we will certainly be considering staying at Château de Bussolles, depending on our party size, so maybe we will see you again.
Graham – August 2016 (source: e-mail, name is known to us) 

Staying at Château de Bussolles was definitely the highlight of our holiday. We were very sad to leave, but we would definitely come back one day! Thank you for your wonderful hospitality during our stay!
Komoriya – August 2016 (source: e-mail, name is known to us)

Magical vacation! Many things to do, inside and outside the castle. Good location. Beautiful surroundings and managers are very friendly and helpful.
August 2016 (source:

Extraordinary place
Drive through the gate and over the tree-lined path and you will see that you have arrived at an extraordinary place. Exactly as our picture of the castle was beforehand. Jacqueline’s tour of the castle showed us how big 600 m2 is. Jacqueline and Ivo are very professional, both in the run-up to and during your stay. They ensure that you have a good time here and are always available. Our friends and we have never felt the need to leave the estate. Everything in and around the castle, the barbecue and the view are enough to spend a great weekend.
Benjamin – juni 2016 (source: Airbnb)

Pleasant (grade: 5 stars)
Château de Bussolles is a beautiful castle in the Allier. With the many bedrooms and other rooms (including breakfast room, large hall, billiard room, TV room, lounge terrace and games room) and spacious swimming pool, a really pleasant accommodation for a week or longer to stay with a group. Especially for young children in our group a real experience. In the neighborhood you will find nice villages and the lively town of Vichy, amusement parks, opportunities for water skiing and wakeboarding, swimming pools, etc. But we barely made time for those things because it was great to stay in and around the castle and the swimming pool.
Arno – July 2015 (source: Facebook)

We look back on a very enjoyable week in your château! Thank you again for your hospitality! Good luck with all activities and who knows until next year.
R.T. – July 2015 (source: e-mail, name is known to us)

We have greatly appreciated your welcome and our stay at Château de Bussolles and would like to thank you for these unforgettable days. We think that especially our young children these days will never forget that they have lived in a real castle that was entirely at our disposal. It was like a dream before them. If the opportunity arises, we will gladly relive this fun experience. We have already recommended your accommodation to our friends and relatives and have also left a positive response at
J. – June 2015 (source: e-mail, name is known to us)

Beautiful castle
This castle is a wonderful stay! We have been here with our children for a week and have made some trips to Vichy and Moulins, but we have more than amused ourselves in and around castle Bussoles. The weather was beautiful and therefore we used the pool a lot. The children had a great time on the estate, playing football, the trampoline, etc. In bad weather there is also plenty of entertainment in the castle, such as games, table tennis, pool billiards etc. We took beautiful walks in the area made, along waterfalls, through the woods. There are very nice hiking trails, but a map is advisable to take with you. In the evening by the campfire with a snack some  and wine, you are really like god in France. Certainly worth repeating. 
Franka – June 2015 (source:

Comfort (grade: 9,2)
Our stay with 4 couples and 7 children was very nice. The welcome, the comfort, the space, the location and the environment. The possibility of many activities on site, both for children and adults (many games).
Jacques – May 2015 (source:

Value for money (grade: 9)
Castle with many possibilities. With a group of friends and children had a stay on this great estate. The full package. Friendly Dutch manager. Visited Vichy and Moulins but the restful stay at the castle was already value for money. We will definitely go back again.
Rob – April 2015 (source: Zoover)

Dream castle (grade: 9)
You just picture yourself in the Middle Ages, you can choose peace, nature, activities in the area but also around the castle. Really amazing! Gigantic to float on your air bed with a beer in the pool watching a castle. Also great for the kids to discover everything. Nice to go back someday.
Travelarie – October 2014 (source: Zoover)

What did you like about your stay with us?